Single Hung window

Is the most diffused typology in United Kingdom, USA, Canada and Japan, destined both to public and residential construction industry thanks to remarkable functional and esthetic advantages.

The panels move through a balanced concealed system. No problem of dimension, obstruction and safety.

The silicon seals and the innovative materials guarantees exceptional watertight seal and duration. Special steel and innovative plastic materials allow reliable operation over time, while is possible to integrate the colors of claddings with every windows’ finishing.

image description

  • 1 Opening type: motorized SINGLE HUNG window
  • 2 Vertical patented security lock
  • 3 Invisible patented sliding system, coplanar inside and outside
  • 4 Concealed beams on openable and fixed panels
  • 5 Minimal amount of space in front view 28 mm
  • 6 Exclusive inflatable seals for highly thermal-acoustic insulation performance