Casement window

Casement window is characterized by classical internal opening type that allow home ventilation and a simple and fast clean.

Casement windows are versatile and adaptable to different architectural lines and furniture. They guarantee robustness and stability over time, aware of the respect of environment using not only an inexpensive material, but also highly ecological.

Panel can also have wide dimension allowing ample transit passages, maintaining an esthetics in line with all the Blackwood system.

finestra battente

  • 1 Opening type: CASEMENT window
  • 2 Vertical patented security lock
  • 3 Invisible patented sliding system, coplanar inside and outside
  • 4 Concealed beams on openable and fixed panels
  • 5 Minimal amount of space in front view 28 mm
  • 6 Exclusive inflatable seals for highly thermal-acoustic insulation performance